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Michele Patzakis Teacher


“Passion, knowledge, insightful comments.”

“Very good singer and role model, really passionate about singing”

“You were always so helpful and enthusiastic and your classes were so much fun! I wish we had two classes a week instead of one.”

“She challenged me enough to grow my skills as a vocalist while covering many fundamental vocal techniques. She was very encouraging and helped me focus on my progress as a singer rather than the outcome of each performance. This was a huge learning point and benefit for me!”

“Patient , positive, enthusiastic. Brought out of life courage and personality in the students. Very careful with student’s vulnerability, guiding them into a positive look of themselves. Thorough and effective knowledge of music and vocal technique.”

“Excellent singer, really articulated how to improve the voice. Got people to sing in ways they didn’t know they could sing just by adjusting their posture and tilting their heads. Knows a lot about voice and is very experienced. Great Teacher.”

“Professor Patzakis is incredibly enthusiastic and heart-warming. She made each student feel good about their performances and improved each one of her students”

“Very positive instructor and knows how to motivate students to do well.” 

“She is very kind yet professional!”

“She gave really helpful tips which exactly addressed where each student needed to improve and how they should practice to make that improvement!”

“Great at giving feedback, great at encouraging to sing, gave great ways to improve people individually.”

“She is great at developing students’ new skills and encourage students at any skill levels.”

” Very enthusiastic and willing to work with students.”

“She is incredibly talented in the vocal arts but more importantly she is supportive of the students and genuinely cares about our success and well being.”

“Great at working with students in a group and individually. Very passionate about the material. Makes good use of different materials like videos, audio clips and guests.”

Dear Michele,
Thank you so much for being my voice teacher this year! Words can’t really express my gratitude for everything you’ve taught me. Thank you for helping me to fulfill one of my biggest life goals- to sing well and healthily. I have learned and experienced so much more that I could hope for, and I feel that I’ve really grown as a musician and person thanks to your guidance and wisdom.

Thank you for your time and energy and patience. Thank you for explaining how warm ups work and why, for taking time to help me warm up before performances, for introducing me to wonderful vocal repertoire. Thank you for caring and for being such an excellent teacher – I am so blessed to have been your student!
Sarah Chang
(Individual instruction student)

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