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For my doctoral studies I was able to create a minor field in vocal arts medicine with the support of the USC Voice Center, Thornton Vocal Arts and the Thornton administration. Since then I have been able to be involved in many projects that involve singing and health and wellness. Juri Hwang's "Here, my voice" project is one of those! For the past two years, with three iterations of the study, an incredible team has worked together with our cochlear implant recipients and the hard-of-hearing partners to investigate the benefits of voice training.

I have had the pleasure of working with three inspiring students- Sandy, Reid, and Audrey. On October 15th you will have the opportunity to experience and learn about the project, hear our partners' stories and vocal performances, and meet the team of passionate professionals across disciplines of music, cinema, medicine, dance, and education. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us all and I hope you will join us!

1. Team Reid at the John Williams scoring stage to film his performance. 2. Hearing Loss LA members, including Sandy Laufer Blake. 3. Documenting a home lesson with Juri, Matty, Michele - for Audrey J Hampton. 4. Michele and Sandy 5. Team Audrey with Jelila at the Kaufman School of Dance to incorporate movement into lessons. 6. Team meeting, sharing partner experiences.



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