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2nd Annual Arts and Health Week Summit

Fangirling over these amazing women at the 2nd Annual Arts and Health Week Summit! I am deeply grateful for the impact that they and their organizations have made on my life!

Dr Maria Rosario Jackson, Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts - This past year I was involved with two projects (by women about women) that received NEA grants - Polymnia by Theodosia Roussos and The Women of Zalongo by Maria C Cominis-Glaudini. The grants and recognition made all the difference in being able to produce them!

Kristin Sakoda, Director of the LA County Dept of Arts and Culture.

I won my first voice competition, “Young Artist of the Future”, at 18yrs old and it was sponsored by the LA County Dept of Arts and Culture. As a winner, I did my first radio interview with KUSC sitting exactly where they are! The Dept of Arts and Culture supports so many programs and initiatives that enrich our lives in Los Angeles!

Renée Fleming, soprano extraordinaire and the World Health Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador for Arts and Health - This past December our “Opera for Life and Wellness” team participated in the Renée Fleming and Johns Hopkins’ “Healing Breath” workshop in addition presenting for the Inaugural AAHW Summit! And then I got to hear her again in concert on Saturday night - what a gorgeous voice!

Isn’t it AMAZING what they are doing- lifting up the people, issues, research, and projects that change the world for the better? 🙏


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